Dreams of the Dead

BonesMy dreams are very vivid. I dream in colour, I can read things in my dreams, I can feel pain in my dreams, and I almost always lucid dream, to some degree or another. This makes dreaming as interesting is being awake, if not more so. However, while I can control my actions in my dreams, I cannot control the content entirely. I can try, but I don’t always succeed. I know I’m dreaming, I know I have ultimate control. That doesn’t necessarily mean the dream will let me have whatever I want. Especially during the dreams I call my Ossuary Dreams.

An ossuary, in case you’re not familiar with that term, is a place of bones. It is a place where bones are stored. A chest, a room, there’s even a church decorated entirely with human bones. My dreams aren’t as “nice” as that. They come in various forms, these dreams. The first one I remember as well as if I had it last night.

In my dream, the dead were rising up. Not as zombies. That, at least, would be entertaining. No. This was just literally the dead. The bodies. In all stages of decay and corruption, all the bodies of the earth, past and present, rose out of their graves. The world was covered in bodies, and those not suffocated by them, needed to try and wade through them to find some solid ground. It was disgusting, the smell overwhelming. I led my group through the bodies, getting ‘fresher’ with each advance.

Each subsequent dream is slightly different. In some of these dreams, there is a tsunami of bodies, and decaying mass traps me. Or that I’m leading a team trying to rescue those caught in a such a thing. Last night, my dream involved finding a true ossuary for victims of the Black Plague, where those that were ill at all in those times had been shoved into an old cistern to die and rot. It was horrible to find the bodies, skeletons that were as they had fallen, fighting to escape.

Such dreams come more frequently as time goes on. They are disturbing, but never frightening, if that makes sense. It brings a tension to the day after them. A need to live to breathe. To taste strong flavours and feel strong things. They make me even more thankful for every moment I am awake, even if those moments are spent in agonizing pain.

Dreams of death inspiring life. To everything, a season.

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  1. Jeremiah says:

    I have dreams similar to this. Most have to do with demons. I can feel everything that happens and it seems completely real. For example in my dream last night it felt as though a demon in my dream was literally sucking the soul out of my body because I was going through trials in a series of caverns for my “classmates” so they could be safe. I had to go back there the next day in the dream and the demon tried attacking me in front of everyone and we eventually killed her. I remember it all. I have had dreams in which I get stabbed, burned, blown up, fall to my death and etc. It all seems too real and I can feel most of the things. I nowadays avoid sleep as much as possible. I find them to be quite fun but when a dream lasts months day by day and I constantly see people I know suffer or die or myself it gets very tiresome…I have always wondered why only certain people have the ability to dream like this.

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