A Short Hiatus Over

Forgive the stillness of last week.  I could give you the story of how I was kidnapped by aliens, but the truth is, the winter weather has kicked it up a notch, and thus I’ve been in immense amounts of pain.  As well, I have been playing Mass Effect, a game that I find highly addictive.  When I feel the worst, physically, an intense video game often does much to sooth me.  I can live through my character and be tough and useful, instead of feeling trapped by a body that doesn’t let me do all the things I would like to do anymore.

I’ve also been pondering bridges, lately.  This is one of those weird episodes of writer’s block that I go through.  Sometimes, I write so intensely and get so much written that my mind freezes up like a winter stream.  I’m left pondering how to move forward. Often times, this means going back and re-reading everything I’ve written to that point.  Other times, I read a certain series of books (first Starship Troopers, then the Emily Starr series) and that will get me in the mood to write again.  Or I’ll watch The Fountain.  Sometimes, I’ll do a combination of all the above to get my juices flowing again.  Other times, I’ll do a little play-by-post role-play gaming to get me in the habit of creative thinking and problem solving writing.  It seems to work.

So, I should be back on track.  And lets hope it remains.  I’m so close to the end of my yet unamed YA novel, and I really want to get it finished.  Lets hope my writing talent hasn’t decided to hibernate for the winter!

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