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Dreams of the Dead

BonesMy dreams are very vivid. I dream in colour, I can read things in my dreams, I can feel pain in my dreams, and I almost always lucid dream, to some degree or another. This makes dreaming as interesting is being awake, if not more so. However, while I can control my actions in my dreams, I cannot control the content entirely. I can try, but I don’t always succeed. I know I’m dreaming, I know I have ultimate control. That doesn’t necessarily mean the dream will let me have whatever I want. Especially during the dreams I call my Ossuary Dreams. Read More »

The Forgotten Volumes

nymphI maintain in my mind that there is some creature, a Muse, an Oracle, some sort of Fey that controls writer’s block. Right now, she has me in her thrall. I can’t seem to find my bearings. This may, or may not, have anything to do with the fact that I’ve been playing a lot of video games lately, mainly the Mass Effect series. However, I find they’re actually kick-starting my creative reserves, usually held in such tight check that I can’t find them. Read More »

Broken Wings

As the cold damp weather continues, I find typing is painful.  Also, I haven’t achieved a full victory against the writer’s block yet.  It’s like being a bird with a broken wing.  I hate times like this. I do have several posts brewing, and hope that I can have one up for Friday, if this infernal weather would co-operate!

A Short Hiatus Over

Forgive the stillness of last week.  I could give you the story of how I was kidnapped by aliens, but the truth is, the winter weather has kicked it up a notch, and thus I’ve been in immense amounts of pain.  As well, I have been playing Mass Effect, a game that I find highly addictive.  When I feel the worst, physically, an intense video game often does much to sooth me.  I can live through my character and be tough and useful, instead of feeling trapped by a body that doesn’t let me do all the things I would like to do anymore.

I’ve also been pondering bridges, lately.  This is one of those weird episodes of writer’s block that I go through.  Sometimes, I write so intensely and get so much written that my mind freezes up like a winter stream.  I’m left pondering how to move forward. Read More »

Random Writing – The Shadowed Corner

Hearth(Yet another tidbit, random writing, done.)

Tria had been given a dark corner, a carafe of mulled wine, and a simple goblet. Her cloak dripped dry on the chair beside her. For the rain, most at the combination tavern and inn were in their rooms. There would be few travellers coming in. The women and men that plied the trade of their bodies were probably up in rooms with customers already, and save for a loan bard with a travel-harp on his lap near one of the two fireplaces, well, a near empty room would yield few patrons for their art.

The headache and eyestrain caused by the Flash were beginning to wear off. This was helped, slightly, by the wine and the dark corner. Read More »

Distraction Kitten

I had a post for today, but a server upgrade seems to have eaten it.  As I had a very busy day at my day job, I was far too tired to recreate what I had posted.  Therefore, I shall post a picture of my cute kitten, Thorgal the Mighty Kitty, nicknamed “Thori”, as a distraction, and I shall return on Friday with actual content.

Thank you for your everlasting patience.

Review: Gypsy by Gypsy Rose Lee

The subtitle of this book is “Memoirs of America’s most celebrated stripper.”  Stripper.  Going back to a time when that meant someone that didn’t take off all their clothes to reveal the glory beneath and thus titillate, but in that the act of stripping itself was the titillation.  In the days of burlesque, strip acts were production numbers on stages with full orchestras and costumes, and scenery. Indeed, those were the days, and Gypsy Rose Lee was the greatest of them all.

Look at the woman in the picture of the cover to the right.  You see that beautiful woman in a provocative pose, and you know that she is a beautiful woman.  If you wanted to sum up her life story with one easy parable, she would be “The Ugly Duckling”.  That isn’t to say that she was ever ugly.  This volume contains the pictures of her as a little girl, and they aren’t ugly.  She was, however, the eldest of two sisters, and her younger sister, actress June Havoc, was the little porcelain doll that became her mother’s pride.  Next to her, little Louise couldn’t match up. Read More »