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Building a World

BuildingWhen it comes to writing, there is one thing that I have always loved to do. I have always loved to create the history of the world, of the characters. I suppose that the RPG fan in me coming out. Whenever I play a character, the history of the character, whether relevant to the game play or not, is essential for me to be able to play. In fact, I will often play even computer games and narrate, in my head or otherwise, to myself the thoughts and feelings, and history of the computer avatar I’m using.

I’ve always been thankful for that gift. Being able to write the history is almost as important as being able to write the story itself. Even if you never tell anyone else the history of a world they’re going to be getting a glimpse of, it’s allows the writer to keep the common things in mind.

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The Month Yearly


It’s amazing how often I’ve had the conversation with people regarding money of monthly versus yearly. The fact is, we see a big number and we get intimidated, but a small number is okay. It’s actually amazing how few people stop about how it all adds up in the end. I mean, picture that you have a coffee habit of $5 a day, and you might think that’s not all that bad. However, if I tell you to do the math and you realize that this amounts to $1,825 a year, it suddenly dawns on you. For that couple of cups a coffee you buy a day, saved up, you could go on a cruise.

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A flight of fancy

ButterflySometimes I take my sons to the Butterfly Conservatory in Niagara Falls. It’s a beautiful, crowded yet peaceful place with thousands of jewels fluttering through the air all around you. They love it and I love it. I like taking my camera and seeing just how many varieties I can capture in still while we’re there.

I remember this one time I sought this one particular type of butterfly that had the most gorgeous blue colouring.

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Storm Rising


Rain and thunder and storms. I’ve watched them all my life. When I moved as a child to a house surrounded by the fields of local farms, I could sit up in my room at night and watch the storms raging without the city’s short horizon blocking my view. Even ‘small’ storms seemed epic without buildings and streetlamps to hide them.

Beyond the inspiration of watching them, storms at night cleared the night air. No matter how humid the day was, or how humid the next day might be, a storm meant that the night air would be clear and crisp. The scents on the air were intoxicating, and the lightning seemed to power my creative juices.

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Missing in Action

Today’s blog was stolen by Harry Potter.

No, truly!

Back on Friday with a discussion on world building!

The Empathy Factor

HairThe basis of writing the most endearing characters is to draw the audience into that character in a sense of shared universal experience. I find myself very conscious of this when I’m watching something or reading something. Still, I sometimes am surprised at the depth of feeling a medium will have for me. On such occasions, I like to try and dig into my childhood (and perhaps my present) to find where the root of the empathy lies.

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